Star Wars: Battlefront's gameplay trailer for the co-op "Survival Mode" on Tatooine is jaw droppingly great!

Another jaw dropping gameplay video has been released for Star Wars: Battlefront and I must saw that the more I see of this game the better it gets! This new video focuses on co-op "Survival Mode" on the planet Tatoonie.

How long can you hold off waves of Imperial forces as they try to invade your base? You'll find out in Star Wars: Battlefront's "Survival Mode"! Fight off Stormtroopers, TIE Fighters, AT-STs, and more and you battle on various planets.

"It's all about Survival, kid. In the *Star Wars*™ Battlefront™ Survival Missions you will take on waves of increasingly difficult Imperial forces – solo or with a Rebel friend by your side. Witness the intense gameplay of Survival in the deserts of Tatooine"

Source: YouTube - EAStarWars


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