Paul Feig reveals the new Ghostbuster jumpsuits that will be seen in the new Ghostbusters film!

Director Paul Feig has released the first photo of the new outfits that the female Ghostbuster team will be wearing in the all new Ghostbusters film! Head inside the full article to see what the new costumes look like!

Posted to Twtitter with the hashtag "#whatyougonnawear", the first photo of the new costumes reveals an answer to a very big question.

First, lets be excited that it appears as though the original Ghostbusters logo will be used for this new film! It would have just felt too weird to see an entire different logo. Second, you can see that overall the costumes are generally the same but there are noticeable differences. The horizontal orange strips going across the body and arms are a new touch that make the jumpsuits look more "firefighter" than the original jumpsuits. The women will be wearing similar high work boots but look as though they'll also be wearing shin guards (with a vertical orange strip similar to the ones on the jumpsuit) as well as fore-arm guards or elbow pads (seen sticking out of the pockets). They are probably a type of elbow pad. These jumpsuits also have a large pull over flap that comes over the zipper that reminds me of a firefighter.

Overall, I have to say that I do not mind this look. I'm now very interested to see what the proton packs and other equipment will look like for the new film. What do you think of the new Ghostbuster jumpsuits?

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Source: Twitter - Paul Feig


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