Marvel teases their upcoming "All new. All different" comic universe with a new image revealing a female Wolverine and more!

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Marvel continues to shake things up with the upcoming "All new. All different." Marvel Comics universe that fans will see later this year! It was revealed yesterday that Marvel would be re-launching up to 60 titles and that some characters were being changed.

We found out through this first reveal that certain characters would be getting updates and changes. Two of these characters to receive "new" versions of themselves were Wolverine and the Hulk. Thanks to a newly released image we now have our first look at the updated Wolverine and it appears as though X-23 has taken the mantle of Wolverine!

There are a lot of reveals in this new photo however. Besides X-23 taking over as Wolverine we also see Old Man Logan will be coming back which is pretty cool! Other characters seen in the new photo include Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, The Thing (and both Rocket and The Thing are wearing matching Guardians of the Galaxy uniforms), Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Daredevil (with a new look), Karnak (with a new look), Medusa (from Inhumans), Inferno (from Inhumans), Hyperion, Citizen V, and Doctor Spectrum.

This is quite a line-up. I have to say that I am now very curious as to who, or what, is going to be the all new Hulk that was hinted at.

This "All new. All different." Marvel universe will start after this summer's "Secret Wars" event. Does the re-launching of the titles and updated characters excite you as a comic reader or are you left wondering, "Why?"

Source: Comic Book Movie


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