Marvel Comics makes a big reveal in Star Wars #6 that changes the story for a major character!

In a surprise move, Marvel Comics has rocked the Star Wars universe today with a game changing reveal for one of the franchises major characters!

Star Wars #6 hit comic store shelves today and it had a very big reveal for the character Han Solo. (The big thing to remember here is that Marvel's Star Wars comics are officially canon to the film universe!) Han Solo is loved by millions of Star Wars fans and his budding relationship with Princess Leia is argulably one of the best parts of the original trilogy. However, it seems that there is more to this story than we knew.  Star Wars #6 has just created a new plot point for Han Solo that changes his backstory in the films and could have consequences for his relationships with other characters.

Look inside the full article to see the big reveal from Marvel Comics! But be warned of spoilers!

 *Spoilers ahead!

Below you can take a look at the page from Star Wars #6 that reveals that Han Solo's past has caught up with him.
*Open image in a new window for the largest view.

WHAT?! Han Solo is married? Well he is now! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sana Solo, Han Solo's wife! (Han doesn't look too happy to see her.) It is pointed out by io9 that this comic is taking place after the first Death Star is destroyed and after the events of Star Wars: A New Hope. This means that throughout the first film that Han was married and could be married for part of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (or more?). I am sure that Marvel will work in how this affects Han and Leia's relationship and it'll be a great read. It'll be very interesting to learn more about Sana and see how long Han stays married to her after this comic. Does he get a divorce? Does Sana die tragically? Will Sana survive to make a cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens or another Star Wars film? This reveal came at the end of the issue so there are not answers yet but there are so many questions now. 

Source: io9


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