Man at Arms: Reforged creates Aragorn's sword Narsil / Anduril from The Lord of the Rings!

A new episode of Man At Arms: Reforged has been released and this one is really fun! The folks over at Baltimore Knife and Sword worked hard to create the sword Narsil from The Lord of the Rings and they did so using only 19th Century techniques which was really interesting and fun to watch. However, Sauron comes by to smash Narsil to pieces (to show what happens when you do not temper a blade after heat treating it). This lets the forges reforge the shards of Narsil into the sword Anduril just like in the book and film. A lot of work went into forging this sword and the result is beautiful. You can watch the entire creation process in the video below. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - AWE me


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