How Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended - Part 1!

It's here! How It Should Have Ended has finally released their video for Avengers: Age of Ultron and it is going to be in multiple parts! The first part is really funny and focuses on how Ultron uploaded himself to the internet and all the things that he could have done to defeat the Avengers while in it.
"That's right, Part One! Because we wrote too much material for this one, we decided to make multiple shorts rather than chop down and cram what we enjoyed into short 15 second bits. Avengers seemed fitting to try it out. Part 2 and Maaaaybe 3 will follow as they are completed." 
I especially enjoyed the ending that has Ultron talking to various villains from some of the best TV and film franchises. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - How It Should Hve Ended


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