Fan spends $50,000 to turn his basement into the ultimate "Elder Scrolls" man cave!

There are fans who will do anything to play video games and then there are fans who do what they can to fully submerge themselves in video games. Take a look at comic book artist Tyler Kirkham who spent $50,000 to remodel his basement into the ultimate Elder Scrolls man cave.

"A SUPERFAN spent over $50,000 converting his basement into the ultimate man cave modelled on a best-selling computer game. Despite wife Jill’s dreams of a swimming pool in the garden, Tyler Kirkham, 32, couldn’t be swayed from his vision based on The Elder Scrolls series of fantasy games, which features a $15,000 bathroom with its own waterfall and a secret door resembling a bookcase, activated by pulling one of the books. Alongside suits of armour, a crossbow and an alchemy lab full of medieval potions, the space features a $15,000 bathroom with its own waterfall and ivy-covered rock-face. He also fitted a $250 Italian crossbow, $8,000-worth of stone and masonry, stained flooring costing $3,000, suits of armour, an alchemy lab full of medieval potions, a medieval helmet worth $100 and a $20,000 home cinema for playing the games on a large screen. Tyler, a professional comic book artist, impressed his friends, relatives and neighbours who love visiting to join gaming sessions in the man cave, which he has been building since 2012. He now plans to take his high-cost customisation even further, using a new release in the series as his inspiration. ‘Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is available now on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and Mac.'"
This is simply incredible. Would you spend that kind of money to change your basement into a video game world? What video game would you decided to re-create?

Source: YouTube - Barcroft TV


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