Disney developing Fantasia's Night On Bald Mountain into a live action film!

There has been a lot of exciting news today for Disney! It's now been revealed that Disney will be developing the "Night On Bald Mountain" segment into a live action film! Fantasia was released by Disney in 1940 and the "Night On Bald Mountain" segment is the last in the film that features music of the same name by Modest Moussorgsky and Franz Schubert. This segment is perhaps tied for the most memorable from the film. The other popular segment of course being "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".

Writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless are signed on to write the script for film which currently has a release date of April 2016. The film will expand on the 11:30 minute segment which features the Chernabog, a god of evil, summoning his demon and ghost minions on the Walpurgis Night (the Witches' Sabbath) to dance furiously throughout a town as he tosses some fiery pit. It is a creepy, and amazing, segment that can be viewed many different ways.

Below you can watch the "Night On Bald Mountain" segment from the 1940 film Fantasia. Enjoy!

Source: Twitter - Entertainment Weekly
Source: Entertainment Weekly
Source: YouTube - Oliver Hayhoe


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