Watch 3 new clips for Disney and Pixar's Inside Out!

The release date for Disney and Pixar's Inside Out is quickly approaching and we now have three great, new clips! The first clip seen above is titled "Pizza" and shows how San Francisco has ruined pizza.

See the other two clips inside the full article!

The next two clips that were released are titled "Riley's Memories" and "Just Like Joy". The second clip ("Riley's Memories") is really interesting and shows us just how memories work in this film. The last clip "Just Like Joy" centers on the characters Anger, Fear, and Disgust trying to deal with things while Joy and Sadness are gone and is extremely funny.

The more I see of this film the better it looks. It seriously just looks like a really fun film that everyone will enjoy. However, given this film is all about emotions, I know there will be some sad moments mixed in with all the happy ones as well.

Inside Out will be in theaters on June 19, 2015.

Source: YouTube - Disney-Pixar


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