New 3D printed Bionic Claws could transform you into X-Men's Wolverine!

If you have ever wanted to be Wolverine from Marvel's X-Men then Advancer Technologies has just the new prop for you! Along with a Kickstarter campaign that they currently have running for new technology they are calling MyoWare, they have released a video for 3D printed bionic claws that really extend and retract.
"Our tutorial will teach you to build bionic claws using our fourth-generation muscle sensor, the MyoWare. Simply flex your forearm muscle and *SNIKT*, a fraction of a second later the 4 inch claws extend out. Relax your forearm to retract the claws. We've even added a muscle-activated locking mechanism in case you want the claws to stay out without keeping your muscle flexed."
The technology behind these claws is absolutely brilliant and is being used for great purposes with prosthetic limbs. Check out the video below to see the "Bionic Claws" in action with some great X-Men music on in the background.

MyoWare Kickstarter Campaign

Source: Makezine


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