What if Man of Steel was IN COLOR? See footage with color restoration that brings Superman back into the light!

One constant complaint about modern DC films is that they are too dark. Now it is easy to assume that some people mean the tone of the film but not everyone who shares this complaint means that. Actually, they mean it quite literally. The film itself is too dark, as in the brightness.

When Christopher Reeve suited up as the Man of Steel everything was bright and colorful. His suit popped with bright blues and reds and he flew through beautiful blue skies. However, all that changed with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. The entire film seemed to have a dark filter over it that was added in post production. Set photos show actor Henry Cavill, who played Superman, in a bright colored suit. So where did it go? Why does his suit, and everything else in the movie for that matter, look so muted? Though many loved the film, this drastic visual change was unpleasing to many fans.

YouTube channel "VideoLab" decided to fix this problem. They created a video that shows how they took the film and restored it to return some of the film's natural color. The color restoration looks absolutely beautiful! VideoLab shows side by side comparison shots of the original film with their restored footage and my personal opinion is that the restored footage looks better.

Watch the video below to see the two versions for yourself and let me know which you feel looks better.

Source: YouTube - VideoLab


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