Watch the hilarious (fake) "leaked" trailer for Netflix's live action The Legend of Zelda television series!

Fans were widely split when it was unofficially announced that a live action The Legend of Zelda series would be coming to Netflix. Half were really excited and half thought Nintendo had lost their minds. The show has since been confirmed false by Nintendo, unless they are just trying to hide it from fans for the moment, but thanks to YouTube channel "Smosh" we have a hilarious "leaked" trailer for the show! While this trailer may be fake, it will still crack up gamers everywhere.
"A world in peril, a princess kidnapped, a darkness rises, and a hero finds his true calling. Netflix presents: a totally original, epic tale from the Zelda Universe. "

PS- The Game of Thrones references are in the video because the Zelda show was initially described as being a family friendly version of Game of Thrones.


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