The first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One leaks online from Star Wars Celebration!

The first teaser trailer for Disney's spin off Star Wars film Rogue One was revealed at Star Wars Celebration and videos of it are already popping up online. You can watch the trailer below but stay tuned for an official release from Disney.

The trailer itself doesn't show much but is still very exciting. You can a voiceover from Obi-Wan Kenobi (Sir Alec Guiness) and a TIE Fighter flying over a forest with the Death Star visible in space on the horizon. The Death Star must be very close to this planet because it looks huge. The trailer ends with some very interesting radio chatter from what sounds like rebels in distress.

Now this is a teaser trailer! It really doesn't show you anything but it still has me very excited! Enjoy!

UPDATE (4-20-15): I've attached a new video of the teaser as the other was taken down. This one isn't as good in quality and it's a little hard to see the Death Star at the end but you can still see it. Enjoy.

Source: YouTube - Richard Sparks


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