Homestar Runner put out a brand new Strong Bad email cartoon!

You read that correctly! Strong Bad is back and he is finally checking his email!

If you aren't familiar with Homestar Runner it was a hilarious internet flash site that launched in 2000 and offered all sorts of great cartoons. One of the site's main characters, Strong Bad, would answer emails from fans and make jokes about what they wrote him which was then spun into a great short cartoon segment. The site exploded in popularity and ran with regular updates for years but then went into a four year hiatus from 2010-2014. The creators returned with a April Fools cartoon in 2014 and received such strong praise for it that they agreed to have "semi-regular" updates. The next came in October of 2014 and the newest is now April 1, 2015.

The newest cartoon has Strong Bad heading back to his trusty computer to discover that it truly has been a while since he answered some emails. In this newest email cartoon Strong Bad cracks jokes about how April Fools is a day where “the internet, gets on the internet to make inside jokes about the internet.” The video is filled with some amazing jokes and will certainly have you cracking up. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - homestarrunnerdotcom


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