Batman v Superman set photo reveals a character death in the DC cinematic universe.

A very interesting new set photo has just surfaced for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! The new photo reveals the fate of a character from the DC universe.

*Spoilers ahead.*

The new photo comes from a cemetery set where you see the Wayne's mausoleum and very interestingly, the grave of "Richard John Grayson". Richard Grayson is of course also known as "Dick" Grayson who became the first Robin, later became Nightwing, and even held the title of Batman for a short time.

It was recently discovered that a Robin suit was on display inside the Batman in the film and many believed that the Robin that suit was referring to was Jason Todd and that Todd had been killed by the Joker (because of news that came out of Suicide Squad). This could very well still be the case and perhaps Dick Grayson's Robin suit is somewhere else in the Batcave. This definitely comes as a shock though as I know I was hoping that Nightwing could appear in the DC cinematic universe down the line. This is sad news.

Source: Twitter - Caleb Williams
Source: Comic Book Movie


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