10 comic book characters that were inspired by real people!

Writers and artists often pull inspiration for their characters from real people around them or from history. This great video from YouTuber Matthew Santoro and VSauce3 shares 10 iconic comic book characters that were inspired by real life people. For example, J. Jonah Jameson, the editor of the Daily Bugle in the Spider-Man comics, was inspired by Marvel's Stan Lee!

The video below will reveal comic characters that were inspired by real people and how those people inspired them. This is a fascinating video that comic readers should definitely check out. Enjoy!

1 – The Joker: Conrad Viedt (1928)
2 – John Constantine: Sting
3 – Tintin: Danish Boyscout Palle Huld
4 – The Hellfire Club: Various actors who Jack Kerb and Stan Lee were familiar with
5 – Magneto and Professor X: Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr
6 – Iron Man: Howard Hughes
7 – Lucifer Morningstar: David Bowie
8 – Harley Quinn: Arleen Sorkin (Days of our lives)
9 – J. Jonah Jameson: Stan Lee
10 – Darkseid: Adolf Hitler

Source: YouTube - Matthew Santoro


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