Star-Lord cosplayer dances around New York City in "Guardians of the Galaxy in Real Life"!

Check out this amazingly fun video of a Star-Lord cosplayer dancing around the streets of New York City! The cosplay is extremely well done and he even managed to find the exact SONY Walkman and headphones used in the film! What makes this all even better is that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn tweeted this video himself along with the caption, "Love this guy!" This video by itself was a lot of fun but getting recognized by the film's director make it that much better! Enjoy the video below.

"This video took a lot of my time and energy. It took over 4 months to make the costume, shoot and edit the video.  
The headphones and walkman are the same kind used in the movie. They are very rare, but thanks to some awesome bidding on eBay, I was able to get my hands on them! 
The boots and belt were handmade. We found some templates from an online forum and bought the leather at a local store. It took about 3 weeks to make them. 
The pants were an awesome online find. They are normally pants made for riding motorcycles, but they just so happen to look exactly like the pants Star Lord wears. The pants were very dark when we bought them, so we needed to "de-color" them to get the right look. 
I bought the jacket online. It's not 100% screen accurate, but it's pretty close.
It took us 3 days of shooting in New York City to get all the shots we needed. Luckily I had done a video similar to this last year, so I was a little less nervous, but to be honest, it still took a lot of guts to go dance around by random people. 
I came up with this idea during the opening scene of Guardians Of The Galaxy. I had just released the video "Dancing With Strangers" so when I say Chris Pratt dancing around wearing headphones I thought, "I have to do that exact same thing in public." From that moment I haven't been able to get the video out of my mind. I am so glad it's finally done. It turned out great!"

Source: Twitter - James Gunn


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