E3 2012 - Ubisoft presents Watch Dogs trailer and gameplay [video]

Ubisoft also premiered a brand new game that they are working on titled Watch Dogs. The game looks very interesting and has some very fun twists to it. So far no platforms have been tied to this game but the 10 minute demo that was shown looked great. The game appears to be set in an urban city at night and has an open world for you to explore. One of the very interesting twists that this game has is that the internet can be used as your weapon. You can turn on a hacking mode and target anybody around you. At this point you can learn their information from their digital footprint. Everything from names, age, salary, ect. It'll be really interesting to see how you use this in the game and what the story will turn out to be!




  1. Asides from AC3, I really want to play this. It looks amazing!


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